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Affiliated to CCS University, Meerut


Late Smt. Krishna Agarwal w/o Sh. J.P. Agarwal was a renowned philanthropist in whom throbbed a benevolent heart full of compassion and love for humanity. She strongly believed that if India has to compare with strong economies of the world like USA, Japan, UK, France, China etc its children have to be empowered with right education. Her strong conviction in education has the most important ingredient of social upliftment lead her to take a plunge in the educational field. she visualized children empowering themselves from nursery classes onwards and then pursuing professional courses leading to gainful employment. She stressed from time to time that we can eradicate poverty from India and raise our country as a world economic power through the medium of professional education. Her prophetic vision and saintly mission guided her family members to make all out efforts for turning her dreams into reality. It is through the guiding light of Smt. Krishna Agarwal that JP Educational trust today boasts of the following quality educational institutions.

JP Academy, A Co-Educational Residential cum Day School, affiliated to CBSE upto class 12th.

JP Institute of Engineering & Technology.

JP Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology.

JP Institute of Management.

JP School of Business

JP International School Greater Noida.

JP Academy colts.

Life at JPIEAS

We offer a diverse and progressive environment for you to grow personally and academically. Our campus provides a vibrant backdrop to our academic achievements and offers an unbeatable lifestyle.


We have extensive sports facilities and sports clubs. JPIEAS also has its own stadium which includes tennis courts, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer, netball and basketball courts and yoga studios. Our facilities are for everyone to use, whether you’re keeping fit or competing professionally.

Services and Facilities

Relax and recharge with choices that may include cafes, swimming pools, gyms, or simply a walk around campus.


There is a large range of dining options at JPIEAS. With coffee shops, juice bars and food outlets. These include Thai, Italian and good Indian food options.

Security and Safety

At JPIEAS, we aim to create a safe and supportive study environment and have a security presence at all our campus. We also have an after-hours service to escort students to their cars or accommodation

News & Events

  • Make-up Classes starting from 06-Jan-2016.
  • Exam forms likely to be filled soon.